First Race is the third official mission in the game and the first race the player competes in. It uses the Construction Site stage.


  • Fly through all the green checkpoints and finish in 2nd place or better.

Involved SimsEdit



  • Summer: Good morning, sunshine! Come on, Derek is already out there doing laps. I think he really wants to beat you this time.
  • Summer: Last one round the track's a rotten Chaos Pirate!


  • Summer: Whew... That was fast! Derek and I could barely keep up.
  • Derek: Yeah, I may have been wrong about you, [player name]. You've actually got some skills!
  • Justice: Indeed...
  • Derek: Hey, where'd you learn that one move? When you were coming through the last turn?
  • You: I... I don't know!
  • Justice: It's a good question, though. Where DID you learn all those maneuvers?


MSSHGold Gold *Wings - Volcano
*Engine - Osprey GT 150
MSSHSilver Silver *Fuselage - Volcano
Bronze No reward

Successive Mission(s)Edit

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