Fashion Reaction
Fashion Reaction

Minigame Info Edit

Hosted by Elizabeth

Fashion Reaction is a minigame hosted by the wealthy girl Elizabeth. She wants you to try on some clothes. Put on the correct ones to win the minigame.


Elizabeth: Is everyone ready? It's time for a fashion check! You have to change into the clothes that match the theme I give you. You'll then be judged by yours truly...WITHOUT MERCY!!!

In-Game InstructionsEdit

Minigame InstructionsEdit

Elizabeth wants you to try on some clothes. Put them on as quickly as you can! You'll have to start over if any of the items are incorrect.

How To PlayEdit

Stylus: Slide to put on clothes, touch the curtain icon with sylus to finish

GAME HINT: The First player to get 3 correct answers wins. Slide clothes quickly and pull back the curtain!

Recommended Stat(s)Edit

  • Technique