Evelyn Gray is a mysterious woman in a long red dress. She gives you your first real case as an agent; a house robbery. Near the end of the game she gets trapped in the Nightmare Realm with Morcubus. She also appears in MySims SkyHeroes as member of Gal Force 4.


  • Evelyn may be based off Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series. Both share a similar red dress, and hairstyle. Both are also described similarly (beautiful and mysterious).
  • In Evelyn's apartment, there is a picture of Alexa on her wall. This may mean Evelyn and Alexa are affliated somehow. There is also a picture of a boy that resembles Daniel.
  • Evelyn is allergic to tomatoes.
  • Evelyn rides in your jet's cargo hold when she flies with you to The Mountains and the Jungle Temple.
  • Evelyn's twin sister, Madison, was removed from MySims Agents for some reason.
  • Evelyn is apparently younger than Violet (because she remembers the Nightmare Crown's creation.) However, the car in front of her house presumably belongs to her and to the fact she owns her own apartment, meaning she has to be at least 18. Violet, however has been confirmed to go to high school meaning she is younger than 18.
    • However, since this is a video game and is completely fictional, it could be completely possible and legal for Evelyn to have her own home despite her age. Many characters (despite how young they may seem) have their own homes in the MySims series.
  • Evelyn has slightly longer hair in MySims SkyHeroes.