This is a list of all the Essences found in MySims Kingdom:

Name Worth Collected By Notes
8-Ball 4

Prospecting on Candyplaooza

DJing at a DJ booth

Watching the Hynodisk

Alien 7 Prospecting at The Uncharted Isle
Amber 2 Prospected at the Forest of the Elves
Amethyst 42 Prospecting at Spookane
Angler 18 Fishing at Trevor Island
Angry 6 Run on a treadmill
Apple 2 Grown on trees on Capital Island
Bacon 2 Prospering at Cowboy Junction
Banana 2 Grown on trees First seen at Rocket Reef
Bass 4 Fish at Cowboy Junction, Rocket Reef, Forest of the Elves Mostly seen everywhere
Batfish 10 Fishing at Spookane
Betta 7 Fishing at Candypalooza
Bone 1 Prospering at The Uncharted Isle
Bronze 1 Mined at Rocket Reef, Cowboy Junction
Cake 5 Have a picnic, Prospecting at Cutopia
Catfish 5 Fishing at Renee's Nature Preserve
Cherry 3 Grow on trees Often in the same island as Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossom 3 Grow on trees Often in the same island as Cherries
Chocolate 4 Mining at The Royal Academy
Coconut 4 Grown on trees in The Uncharted Isle
Crab 4 Fish at Rocket Reef
Dead Wood 5 Kill a tree (chop down)
Diamond 10

Prospering at Trevor Island

Prospering at The Reward Island (Your island)

Pull up weeds in The Uncharted Isle (Fourth stage)

Electric Eel 6 Fish at Rocket Reef

Fish at Cowboy Junction

Electrobit 3 Prospect at Rocket Reef
Eyeball 4 Grown on trees at Spookane
Ghost 8 Perform a Seance, pull up weeds in Spookane, fishing at Spookane
Goby 16 Fishing at Cutopia
Gold 3 Mined at Cutopia, Cowboy Junction
Gold Arowana 8 Fish in the Forest of the Elves
Happy 3

Be nice to sims

Jade 6 Prospected at Spookane
Jellyfish 4 Fish at Cowboy Junction
Kaiserium 8 Mined at The Uncharted Isle
Koi 8 Fish in the Forest of the Elves
Marlin 14 Fish at Trevor's Island
Metal 1 Mined almost everywhere
Musical Note 2

Grown on trees in Cowboy Juntion, Candypalooza and The Forest of the Elves

Mined in The Forest of the Elves

Octopus 10

Pull weeds at The Royal Academy

Wash hands

Fishing on The The Royal Academy

Onyx 3 Prospecting at Rocket Reef, Spookane , and The Uncharted Isle
Orange 4 Grown on trees at The Royal Academy
Organic 3 Feed animals (Examples: pigs, cows, etc.), prospected at The Forest of the Elves
Pear 2 Grown on trees at Candypalooza
Pencil 3 Prospecting at The Royal Academy
Pineapple 2 Grown on tress in Cowboy Juntion
Piranha 6 Fishing in Rocket Reef, Cowboy Junction and Spookane
Plecostomus 10 Fishing in Spookane at the fishing point near Morcubus' Castle
Platinum 5 Mining at The Royal Academy
Puffer 14 Fish at The Uncharted Isle
Red Crayon 3 Found by rummaging in a dresser, and mining in Cutopia
Robofish 8 Fish at Rocket Reef
Rocket 3 Grown on trees at Rocket Reef
Sad 3 Be mean to sims
Sapphire 5 Prospect on Candypalooza, The Forest of the Elves
Scary 6

Peek in a sarcophagus

Ride the rocket stimulator at Rocket Reef

Seahorse 7 Fish at Trevors Island
Sea Turtle 8 Fishing on Cutopia, Spookane and the Uncharted Isle
Sea Urchin 7 Fish at Rocket Reef, The Forest of the Elves
Silver 2 Mined at The Forest of the Elves, Cutopia, Rocket Reef
Simoleon 7 Found in treasure chests

pulled from weeds near tobors diner (rocket reef)

pulled from weeds at candypalooza

Spring 1 Jump on a couch

Ride the mechanical bull (Reneé's Nature Preserve, Trevor Island)

Mining at Rocket Reef

Squid 5 Fish at Candypalooza
Star 3 On trees at Trevor Island
Stingray 7 Fishing at The Uncharted Isle
Stone 2 Prospect at Cowboy Junction
Sunfish 8 Fishing at Cutopia
Superkelp 24 Take a Bath
Tiny Shark 9 Fishing at the Uncharted Isle
Tire 1 Pick grass in Cowboy Junction
Topaz 60 Prospecting on Uncharted Island Worth the most
Voodoo Doll 4 Pulling weeds in Spookane, Performing a seance
Wood 1 Chop down trees

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