Agent Esma Esma
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Character Info Edit

Role Commander of MorcuCorp Forces, Assistant Manager of Office Staff
Location Industrial District

Esma is an employee of MorcuCorp, and is part of its city "beautification" project, working along with Brandi in the Industrial District, planting trees and plants to hide MorcuCorp's real plans. She is one of MorcuCorp's top agents.

Proto-Makoto Head SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.

Brandi claimed that DJ Candy is killing the plants in the neighborhood where she and Esma plant. They claim that DJ Candy's sonic amp towers on the roofs of various buildings are causing the plants to die--and one is, but someone sabotaged it. Turns out Brandi and Esma made the frequency of one of the radio towers louder by connecting it to Dr. F's Foliage Fusion Drive (by convincing Makoto to steal it from the lab), due to the orders of MorcuCorp. A memo stated that the company "needed to secure a sonic resonance system". So that's the reason they were interested in Candy's towers. They tried to frame Candy, vacate her from her club and then MorcuCorp would take it over and gain control of the towers. After solving the case of the towers, DJ Candy complains of a strange sound. After a little of detective work, you discover that she and Brandi are running a mining operation under the club, to mine destinite. When destinite is affected by the high frequency sounds, it turns into fortunite, which is the kind of jewel used in the Crown of Nightmares. Outraged, DJ Candy kicks out the pair of the club and they go back to planting trees in the neighborhood.

At the end of the adventure, she accompanies Morcubus with Brandi to take the Nightmare Crown from you. When Morcubus is locked in the Nightmare Realm, she declares herself as leader. However, her first order for Brandi was - run for it! She is still in the Industrial District after the conclusion, gloating and taunting Brandi and growing plants.

Proto-Makoto Head SPOILER WARNING!!! Spoilers end here.

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