Esma thinks of herself as royalty and is a ruthless commander of MorcuCorp, and also serves as Morcubus's right hand. Her outfit has changed between MySims and MySims Agents, but the thing that always remains is the bunny ears.



Esma has brown hair with bunny ears. Her outfit consists of a gray skirt with pink buckling and along the hem, a star choker, white belt, matching boots and she has white bloomers showing from under the skirt.

MySims AgentsEdit

Esma has the same facial features and hairstyle that she had in MySims, but now her outfit has changed to show she works for MorcuCorp. She wears a red Asian style jacket with a star on the back, a star choker, a gray Asian style skirt with a white belt that has the MorcuCorp logo, and red leggings under the skirt and black boots.


  • Esma makes a cameo appearance in MySims Racing in the cutscene involving a MorcuCorp meeting.
  • She was also set to appear as a rival racer in MySims Racing (Wii), however she was cut at a later date.
  • Esma's name is somewhat ironic, seeing as how it roughly translates into "to love".
  • At the end of MySims Agents, Esma actually seems happy that Morcubus is in the Nightmare Realm, because now she can become Queen of the Universe.
  • Both Esma and Yuki are the only two sims who both like Spooky and Cute, which is somewhat ironic because Spooky and Cute are opposite from each other.
  • Esma's favorite song is "Bunny Hill" by "The Scrapbooks".

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Esma
  • Spanish: Esma
  • Bulgarian: Есма
  • Japanese: エスマ