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Character Info Edit

Role Gondola receptionist

Emily is a bubbly girl who always talks about meeting someone called The Star Prince, which is supposed to be from a legend, but she believes him to still be real and wishes to meet him. Her bubbly personality contrasts with the personality of her shy sister, Amy.

Profile Edit

Name: Emily

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Occupation: Gondola receptionist

Description: A very cheerful and romantic girl. Her dream is to meet the fabled Star Prince.

Character Events Edit

Go to the Gondola Base Edit

Emily has crossed the river and returned to the Gondola Base.

Go see how she's doing!

Gondola Base Gone Edit

The gondola base has disappeared.

Get some help from Dr. F and Torajiro to get it back.

Adorable Star Prince Edit

Emily adores the Star Prince.

Listen to her passionate story!

Still to See the Star Prince Edit

She's going to see the Star Prince.

Watch to Gondola Base for her!

Mistaken Star PrinceEdit

Emily has mistaken the Star Prince for someone else.

Go to that person's place!

Love the Star Prince!Edit

Emily received a nice gift. She still likes the Star Prince


  • Emily and her sister Amy appear as a figurine together (as a Siamese) in the Wii version of MySims Kingdom.

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