Kingdom Resident Elmira Elmira Clamp
Elmira MySims Kingdom

Character Info Edit

Role Pig Farmer
Home Island The Capital
Interest Domestic

Elmira Clamp is a peasant living at her pig farm on Capital Island. She runs her own pig farm and takes care of two pigs, Porkz and Pigglez. She used to employ you until you decided to take the Royal Wandolier challenge. She also gives you her tools to use after a brief task of socializing in the beginning of the game. She also seems to have a relationship with island resident Barney Cull as she frequently visits his house by the harbor.


With just two pigs to its credit, Elmira’s pig farm may not be much for a commercial empire, but she runs it with an iron fist! Who knows, maybe there’s a generous spirit protected by that prickly outer shell?


During Herd the Pigs task

You're not done until both pigs are standin' right at my feet.C'mon, get to it!

If you attempt to leave during Herd the Pigs

Hey! Where do you think you're going?! You're not done yet!

After you herd both pigs

Great. You actually managed to get both pigs.

After Herd the Pigs and Before she Gives you her ax

Silly Royal Contest. Who would want to be one of those fancy-schmancy Wandoliers anyway? What could be more rewarding than the unending toil of a pig farm?

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