Agent Elmira Elmira Clamp
Elmira Shaking Fist

Character Info Edit

Role Librarian, Client, Potential Recruit, Pig Farmer
Location The Headquarters

Elmira Clamp is a client of the Sim Protection Agency, asking for help at one of her libraries. There is a huge mess at the library with books strewn about everywhere. She needs help organizing and stocking the shelves with books and other media before dawn, when the library opens. If your team of assigned agents do a job well done, she will be very happy and volunteer as an agent.

Dispatch Missions

Assistant Librarian

Description- The library is such a mess! I could use some help cleaning the floors, fixing bookshelves, and quietly getting the books in order. Normally i'd do it all myself, but im not getting any younger and I need my beauty sleep.

Difficulty- 1/5

Duration- 2/12

Skills- Smarts/Athletic

Rewards- New outfits and a new recruit!


Recruit Request Message: Hmph. I am thoroughly unimpressed with the quality and size of this agency's library. You need to hire me. My formidable brain is like a living reference section.


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