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Character Info Edit

Role Mayor

Ellen is the mayor of the island you live on within King Roland's kingdom. She is an unexperienced mayor who is new at her job. She is very panicky, and a bit clumsy. With the recent events in town, she is under a lot of stress in trying to rebuild the town to satisfy Roland.

Ellen enjoys vegetables and planting them in her garden next to the town hall. Apparently, according to her, she used to hate vegetables, but she has grown to like them. In order to help the town's restoration, she lets you play the minigame Vegetable Vendor, which involves handing out vegetables out to as many customers in a short period of time. After playing Vegetable Vendor, she will give you a Vegetable Set.

After speaking to Emily about the missing gondola, you must report the disappearance to Ellen, who once again freaks out at the news. After promising her to help out, she gives you to her house over in River's Edge in case you need to rest.

Once the gondola base has been rebuilt with the help of Torajiro, residents can access the Snow Field. She gives you her house key as a sign of gratitude for helping fix the town. With the house key, you can rest in her Snow Field home and furnish it.

Profile Edit

Name: Ellen

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Occupation: New mayor

Description: She's new but she's trying her best! Although sometimes frantic, she's remarkably good at raising vegetables.

Character Events Edit

Delivery for Dr. F Edit

Ellen asked you to deliver a package to Dr. F.

Panicked Ellen Edit

Ellen's panicked about the town's state. Find a way to make the town the it was before this trouble!

The Town Hall Edit

Lost items are sent to the town hall.

Talk to Ellen to get them back!

Presents for AnimalsEdit

Deliver the Rare Vegetable Set to the zoo and give it to Tim.

Ellen's Vegtables Edit

Ellen has decided to give her vegtables to the townspeople. Help her hand them out!

More Vegtables! Edit

Ellen has sucseeded in making new vegtables. More veggies to hand out!

Even More Vegtables!Edit

Ellen has made more vegetables. Help her hand out more vegetables!

Great MayorEdit

Ellen has become a great mayor!

She'll continue to do her best for the town.


  • Ellen and Helen are quite similar because:
    • They are both mayors.
    • Their names rhyme.
    • They both only appear in DS game(s).
  • On the cover of MySims Kingdom, Ellen has hair similar to Makoto's, but in the game she doesn't.
  • In the MySims Kingdom (Wii) Instruction Booklet a Sim who looks like Ellen appears on one of the pages even though she doesn't appear in that version of the game.

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