ElizabethPPortal Elizabeth

Character Info Edit

Role Fashionista-Minigame Host
Minigame Hosting Fashion Reaction
Festival? Dynamic Festival
Area The Beach

Elizabeth is still a wealthy fashionista. She claims that all the houses in the town are too small for her, and that she wants to live in a cottage just as big as the Festival Grounds. So instead of getting a house, she just lives in the hotel. She is the Dynamic Festival host as well. She hosts the minigame Fashion Reaction. Your job is to put clothes just like what she wants, and then show it to her. You need a high Technique Status to easily win the game. She doesn't have a house.


For a wealthy girl like Elizabeth, money is never an issue. Others think she's conceited, but Elizabeth doesn't seem to notice.


  • Power - 1
  • Speed - 4
  • Tech - 4

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