ElizabethPortal Elizabeth

Character Info Edit

Area Entertainment Area
Star Level 3
Role Fashionista

Elizabeth lives in a cottage and first appears in the Entertainment Area near the Docks. She offers you to buy her pet's home (which is actually a mansion), for a very high price-originally 30,000 simoleons-but cut down to 10,000 simoleons. Once you reach four stars She will hold a Fashion Review once a week, in the afternoon,so you have to look the best if you want good compliments from her! You can find out where and when the fashion review is on a billboard outside the fashion house (next to the house you buy off her). Elizabeth has blonde hair with a bow in it, big, blue eyes which appear to have slight eye makeup on them, red lipstick, and a pink bolero.

Hint: Fashion Review Outfits

Entertainment Area - Pink Gradient Polo, Pink Shorts

Forest - Green Camisole, Yellow Pleated Skirt

Highlands - White Polo Shirt, Purple Skirt

Mountains - Yellow Camisole, Purple Skirt

Port Area - Blue Hawaiian Shirt, Light Blue Pants

Town - Red Hawaiian Shirt, Blue Roll-Ups

Keep in mind if she says you need to be more curious, you should wear some orange. If she requires more elegance, try to wear more black or purple.


Being a wealthy Sim, her monetary sense is skewed from those of normal Sims.

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