Elizabeth is rather a snobby girl than a nice one. She seems to own several islands. You can enter her fashion review once every week. She is also a minigame hostess.


  • In the MySims DS cover, Elizabeth is shown with a ponytail (similar of Summer's and Rhonda's), meanwhile in the game, her ponytail is a bit different and has a red ribbon on it. Also, her eyes are shown green (similar to Dolly's), but in the actual game she has blue eyes.
  • Elizabeth's outfit is rather similar to Dolly Dearheart's outfit, as on the cover for MySims DS she looks identical to Dolly Dearheart exept for the hairstyle and mouth.
  • Her grandmother is Barbra, who only appears in MySims Mobile.
  • Elizabeth is one of the six Sims to not have a house in MySims Party DS.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • English: Elizabeth
  • Dutch: Eline
  • German: Elisabeth