Eliza-Template Eliza

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 5
Role Psychiatrist
Residence Name Eliza's House

Eliza is one very studious woman. She is a therapist that is really obsessed with questions. She has short blonde hair that curls at the end, tan skin, glasses, pink lipstick, and a sweater like Clara Belle's but green.

Profile Edit

Has the study of psychiatry caused Eliza to be obsessed with questions? How does she express this obsession? How hard did she have to train to abolish periods and exclamation points from her speech?

Interests Edit

Hates Edit

Dialogue Edit

Hotel Introduction Edit

  • Hello, I'm Eliza. I'm studying to be a psychiatrist. Tell me how you feel…

Accept Move-In Edit

  • So, you like to build houses for strangers? Interesting. Very interesting…

After You Build House Edit

  • Is this house a reflection of your inner self? Do you feel you need more color in your life?

Request For More Stuff Edit

  • My self-analysis reveals a desire to surround myself with things that make me look smarter. …I'm comfortable with that.

Star Level 5 Edit

  • How are you feeling? Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And how do you feel about your feelings?
  • Why do I always answer questions with questions? Hmm. Would you be happier if I didn't do that?

Best Friend Edit

  • This house is a perfect match for my personality type! You know me so well, [player name]!

Best Friend Reward Edit

  • Small Television - Question blueprint


  • Eliza appeared in SimCity Creator on the Wii where she acted as your city's Public Safety Advisor.

Foreign Name Edit

  • English: Eliza
  • Spanish: Elisa
  • German: Elly
  • Greek: Ελίζα
  • Japanese: エリザ

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