Kingdom Resident Beverly Duchess Beverly
Duchess Beverly

Character Info Edit

Role Queen of Cutopia
Home Island Cutopia
Interest Cute

Duchess Beverly is the Ruler of Cutopia and a Duchess of King Roland's Kingdom. She is very strict, snobby, and very traditional. She constantly is worrying about her son, Lord Daniel and seems to dislike Violet due to her being "untraditional".She is disgusted by the fact that Daniel likes to spend his days with Violet and not someone "cuter" (like Poppy). She doesn't want anything to ruin the yearly festivals and traditions. She locks Violet in a castle guarded by her loyal knight Sir Spencer. She soon realizes (after you free Violet from her prison) that she should be more concerned about Daniel's happiness, and allows Daniel to hang out with Violet. However, Beverly still holds a silent grudge towards Violet (Violet sometimes comments about how Beverly still glares at her). Beverly still treats you like a servant and wants you to make the Cutopia Castle cuter.


The Duchess of Cutopia loves her son Daniel. But deep in her heart she knows that he won't be ready to rule Cutopia until he can appreciate the proper shade of yellow for a daffodil, and the precise angle at which to pet a bunny.


  • Although Beverly says that guests will arrive in Cutopia for the holiday, no one from a different place comes to the island, or they mightn't just not arrived yet.
  • Beverly's appearance might be based after The Red Queen from the novel Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. She has heart-like shaped hair, a heart shaped pendant on her forehead, and heart shaped earrings, like the Queen.
  • It is unknown how Beverly and Daniel are related to Butter and Roland, but they are related due to Marlon speaking of them all being apart of some royal line.
  • In The Sims Medieval, Duchess Beverly is your aunt in the game, and sends you a letter, see right.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Duchess Beverly
  • French: Duchesse Cunégonde
  • Spanish: Duquesa Bienvenida
  • Japanese: ビバリー公しゃく夫人

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