Dress for Success
Dress for Success

Dress for Success Edit

Host Dolly Dearheart

Dress for Success is a minigame run by Dolly Dearheart. She needs help to pick out outfits to be put on display.


Find the outfit that Dolly is thinking about! The first player to find it wins.

Description Edit

Dolly: "I have so many costumes, it's hard to choose what to wear. Hey, I know! You pick out the outfit for me! Tee Hee!"

After FinishingEdit

Dolly: "This outfit is perfect! Now I know who to ask when I can't decide what to wear. Oh, and here are your scores! Tee hee!"

Recommended Stat(s)Edit


Point Wiimote: Move Cursor

A Button: Select

Festival Appearance(s) Edit

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