DrNefarioPortal Dr. Nefario

Character Info Edit

Role Evil scientist

Dr. Nefario is the antagonist behind the sinister crime of sucking out all of the objects in the town. He sometimes travels in a UFO to escape from his crimes. It is revealed at the end of the game that his secret base is in the cage of the alligator that resides in the zoo that Tim runs. The player and Mecha-Dog work together to destroy Nefario's base. Dr. Nefario apologizes for his crimes and reveals that he only did what he did to do some sort of research. In the night, a strange man in a black suit was stealing all town items with a strange contraption. This strange man was hinted to be Dr Nefario. The Second time he was encountered was in the mountans, he sucked up one item, but the player had a ! mark above his/her head, quickly Dr Nefario noticed then he ran to his UFO. Possibly, the player guarded him/herself from the UFO Launch.

Profile Edit

Name: Dr. Nefario

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Occupation: Scientist

Description: A man who is willing to use extreme measures to further his research. But he learns the errors of his ways.

Character EventsEdit

Dr. Nefario's RegretsEdit

Finally captured! His laboratory is kaput. He's sorry for causing grief to the townspeople and is genuinely remorseful.

Repairing the UFOEdit

To fix the UFO, you need one of every kind of essence. Find them all and give them to Dr. Nefario.


  • Dr. Nefario's name is based off the word nefarious, meaning evil, wicked, or villainous.
  • Dr. Nefario is also the name of a character in Despicable Me.

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