DrFPortal Dr. F

Character Info Edit

Role Mad Scientist

Dr. F is a mad scientist. His home is on Rocket Reef; however, for reasons unknown, he also resides on the island you live on. He invents the Extractor so you can extract essences from objects and help out the town, and the Synth-O-Tron to create items and decorate your town. He helps you on occasions with his inventions when needed.


Name: Dr. F

Age: 58

Gender: Male

Occupation: Scientist and Inventor

Description: A brilliant and precision-minded scientist. He has great skill, but it is often wasted on useless endeavors.

Character Events

The Extractor

You borrowed Dr. F's Extractor! You can collect all kinds of essences now. Get the essences and deliver them to Dr. F!

You Can Synthesize!

You borrowed the Synth-O-Tron! Use the collected essences to make an object and place it in the field!

Broken Compass

To fix the broken compass, give Dr. F a Mysterious Magnet and a Cryptic Coil.

Gondola Engine

To fix the gondola engine, give Dr., F a Baffling Battery and a Secretive Cylinder.

Martin's Helicopter

To fix the helicopter, give Dr. F a Reclusive Rotor and a Shifty Shaft.

Materials for a Mecha-Dog

Find a Bewildering Balancer and Sly Sensor and Dark Dyamo and Stupefying Speaker and Perplexing Paw and give them to Dr. F.

Mecha-dog on the hunt!

Mecha-dog is on the hunt! Find it to find the criminal!

Repairing the UFO

Go find the UFO part that mecha-dog ran off with to fix the UFO engine! Catch mecha-dog and hand Dr. F the part he needs!

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