Agent Dr. F Dr. F
Dr. F Agents

Character Info Edit

Role Mad Scientist, Client
Location Industrial District, The Boardwalk

Dr. F is a mad scientist living in a lab on a hill overlooking the junkyard in the Industrial District of the City. Paul tells you about him, calling him Mr. F. You come across the doctor after an investigation of missing parts from the junkyard. T.O.B.O.R. stole a car engine from one of Gabby's cars and the robot, when repaired, tells you that Dr. F ordered him to do so. Upon learning about Paul and Morcubus wanting to make a crown, he orders his lab assistant, Alexa, to cancel all projects so they can focus on helping you find the crown. He invents the Dectector, so you can find who is pumping plant-killer into DJ Candy's radio tower, and telling you of Makoto, his very own creation. Later he and T.O.B.O.R are at the beach, where he makes you a Super Detector to track radiation at the beach. He is crucial when you must get T.O.B.O.R's remote control, and sent him into the ocean to find the Jungle Temple map. He also has a Ph.D in Robotology and Robotonomy. Dr. F also offers two dispatch missions, asking for help researching a way to make hot cocoa using advanced technology, and to go back in time to save his toast from the horror of burning. Although, his second mission technically never happened due to your agents messing with the time-stream.

Dispatch Missions

Cocoa Science!

Description- My latest invention requires a thermonuclear-powered beverage frother. Go forth, emmisaries of hot chocolate science!

Difficulty- 2/5

Duration- 3/12

Skills- Charisma/Smarts

Rewards- New objects for the HQ and a new dispatch mission!

F, Robot

Description- Disaster! My newest humanoid robot, the F-Bot, has escaped. He's out there somewhere, pretending to be me... I need a skilled team to find him, since he looks exactly like me except 229 feet tall.

Difficulty- 3/5

Duration- 3/12

Skills- Smarts/Charisma

Rewards- New outfits and a new dispatch mission!

Time For Toast

Description- Mistake happened! I have burned my toast! The only solution is hire some temps and build a time machine! We will return to better times and save my toast!

Difficulty- 3/5

Duration- 4/12

Skills- Paranormal/Smarts

Rewards- New outfits, a paint for the HQ, and a trophy!


Dr. F's City lab


Inside the lab

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