Dolly MSR Icon Dolly Dearheart
Dolly Dearheart (MSP)

Character Info Edit

Role Dressing Up Store Owner
Business DressCo
Residency Snowy Mountain

Dolly Dearheart returns to live in Speedville and tends to one of the DressCo. stores. Dolly sponors several races and events, including a race to highlight her winter collection of DressCo. outfits located on Chilly Hill Village and a timed race around Sunset Slalom. Another task she assigns includes gathering edelweiss flowers for a costume Poppy wants to make that were scattered around Chilly Hill Village. Also, her company made a new race suit and wants you to test it out in a race on Sunset Slalom.


MSR-Race DressCo Race

Aim: Finish the race in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Introduction: Hi there! I'm Dolly Dearheart, CEO of DressCo, the dress up company! I'm sponsoring a race to highlight our new winter collection. // Do you wish to participate?

Gold Target: Finish in 1st place

Silver Target: Finish in 2nd place

Bronze Target: Finish in 3rd place

Course: Chilly Hill Village

Completion: Great race! I think we'll see people dressed as you next Halloween! Here's you reward!

Reward: MSR-Front Object Bubble Gum

MSR-Item Collect Edelweiss

Aim: Collect as many flowers as you can before time runs out. (45 seconds)

Introduction: Hi [player name]! Hey, I really like your racing costume. Is it from one of my stores? // Could you do me a favor? My friend Poppy wanted some edelweiss flowers for her Hansel and Gretel costume, but I'm swamped! // Would you please gather some edelweiss for her on the mountain?

Gold Target: Collect 30 items

Silver Target: Collect 25 items

Bronze Target: Collect 15 items

Course: Chilly Hill Village

Completion: Hooray! You did it! Poppy will be so cute with those flowers in her hair! Here, this is for you.

Reward: MSR-Mirrors Flowers

MSR-Burning Lap Dolly's Record

Aim: Beat the given time to complete the challenge!

Introduction: Hello [player name], I was thinking about you! DressCo wants to sponsor your next qualification trials. If you could break a record, that'd be even better! // Are you interested?

Gold Target: 90 seconds

Silver Target: 95 seconds

Bronze Target: 110 seconds

Course: Mount Shiverest

Completion: All right! DressCo's very own racing record! Here, accept this as a little thank you note.

Reward: MSR-Mirrors Hearts

MSR-Beat The Clock Speed Suit

Aim: Pass as many gates as you can before time runs out. (1 minute, 40 seconds + 10 seconds for each gate passed)

Introduction: Oh, good, you're back! Our research department has come out with a new fabric for racing suits that's supposed to make you go faster. // We've made one just like yours.... Would you help us put it to the test?

Gold Target: Pass 18 gates

Silver Target: Pass 12 gates

Bronze Target: Pass 6 gates

Course: Mount Shiverest

Completion: Wow! That was really exciting! I think the suit is a success, don't you? Here, take this as a compensation for your time.

Reward: MSR-Wheels Hearts

Best Friend Reward

  • MSR-Special Active Differential

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