Desert Map 1

First part of the Desert's map.

Desert Map 2

Second part of the Desert map.

The desert is an area you unlock at Star Level 3 so you can move in some more residents. Like a normal desert, it is completely arid and dry. Once you reach Star Level 3, you receive a pickax to destroy the rocks that were previously blocking the entrance to the desert. It is quiet, eerie, and has bones, cactus, and several other objects buried in the desert. There is a graveyard, and also a junkyard where aliens have supposedly once crashed into (there is a broken UFO in it, and Professor Nova has previously mentioned them). For some reason, there is also a beach that you can only pass through once you reach Star Level 4, as there is a metal gate you can't go through unless you have the Blowtorch. The benches around the main neighborhood area near the entrance of the Desert are all noticeably broken down until you use all 3 lots in the neighborhood.


Harvesting From Trees



Available Lots

  • 7 Lots

Areas You Can Enter From Here


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