CandyPartyPortal DJ Candy "Supergroove"

Character Info Edit

Role DJ-Festival/Minigame Host
Minigame Hosting Go! Go! Dancing!
Festival? Music Festival
Area Club Candy, Sunshine Beach

DJ Candy "Supergroove" runs the Go! Go! Dancing! minigame in which she needs you to show your dancing moves. She wants you to break down to the beat! She also coordinates the Music Festival. With a high enough score, DJ Candy will move into Sunshine Beach.


During Minigame Dialogue

  • I'm gonna spin one of my most awesome tracks, so get on the floor and dance till you drop! Just shake to the rhythm, baby!
  • So did that track get ya groovin'? You guys really know how to move! Check out your scores!

Dialogue about her Minigame

  • You gotta be tough to keep dancin', so check your "Stamina". It can be hard to keep the beat when you're tired!
  • In my mini-game, the better you dance to the rhythm, the more the spotlights will be on you! Do your best out there!
  • If you can keep the rhythm and hit the beat, you'll get a totally awesome score. You just gotta feel the beat, son!

Miscellaneous Dialogue

  • Hm? What was that? Sorry, I was just groovin' to this killer track in my head, and I couldn't hear you. My bad.
  • Yo, (your name)! What kinds of music do you like? Just kidding! I know you love club music best!
  • Yo, (your name)! You totally rocked out there! I'm impressed! Keep on playin', and I'll provide the beat!
  • Yo! Thanks for entering the Music Festival! You had fun, right? Well I'll have some sweet, new tracks to play for our next go around!


Power 1
Speed 1
Stamina 4
Luck 3

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