Candy-MSSHP DJ Candy "Supergroove"

Character Info Edit

Role Rookie Pilot, Leader of Gal Force 4
Affiliation Gal Force 4, SkyForce
How to Unlock Silver in Eye Of The Panther

DJ Candy "Supergroove" appears as a pilot in MySims SkyHeroes. She is the leader of Gal Force 4. She works with Evelyn and Sylvia, trying to find a fourth member for their group. DJ Candy is the first member to appear, as she is assists a amnesiac pilot in some of the Chaos Pirates when he/she comes to help Candy. Though their skills are questionable at first, Candy and her companions train and turn into ace pilots, agreeing to help SkyForce. She also, with the help of You and Sylvia, manages to capture Raphael and take him into SkyForce custody. She, along with Dr. F, assists you in defeating the first two Chaos Pirates Rose and Raphael, and destroying the MorcuFortress's Orbital Strike core in the first part of the final assault on Morcubus. After that, Candy and Dr. F fly off chasing MorcuBots whilst Star and Barney take over. At the end of the game, Candy hangs out in her base with her teammates.


Set by Candy

Involving Candy



None as you meet her first during a mission

Before Staying Ahead of the Wargame

  • Hey, [player name]! Did you get a message from Justice about meeting here? Are we all going to play a game or something?

After Eye Of The Panther

  • Those girls need to practice their spins and loops -- they're an embarrassment on the dance floor!

After We're Not Gonna Take It

  • Yeah! Gal Force is ready for prime time, don't you think, [player name]?

After Into The Groove

  • I knew Gal Force could do it! This is one solid power trio!

Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!

  • It's all up to you, [player name]. May the groove be with you!

After Game is Complete

  • WHOO! There's no party like a "saved the world" party! Of course, Gal Force is eager to get back to the skies -- there's still a lot of rebuilding to do!

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