CandyAPortalDJ Candy "Supergroove"
DJ Candy-DS

Character Info Edit

Role DJ, Curio Shop Owner, Club Owner
Location Club Candy - Town Hall Plaza, Autumn Bay

DJ Candy "Supergroove" lives in Autumn Bay as a Curio Shop owner during the day and at night, she runs her DJ Candy Club. You can not go in with your agent suit on. She does not help really or ask any favors but she does make a new minigame for you, though she does get mad at you if you miss a turn in her mini-game. She is super nice and has new items in her shop. Her curio shop sells posters and other decorations and she usually only has about two people in her club.


Every night she spins her groove at Club Candy. Who would have thought during the daytime she would run a curio shop?


Deliver the "Mystery Box"

Deliver the "Mystery Box" as directed by DJ Candy, without letting Ginny know anything.

Who's not telling the truth?

The show must go on! Find the person who is trying to sneak in to the Premium Candy Party by lying about being sent a ticket.

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