Agent Candy DJ Candy "Supergroove"
DJ Candy (MySims Kingdom DS)

Character Info Edit

Role DJ, Club Owner, Client
Location Industrial District

DJ Candy "Supergroove" is a DJ and the owner of the disco club located in a warehouse in the Industrial District. Her club, run with the help of Zack and Sapphire, is the ideal place for parties, dance contests and concerts, which are held every night! Her disco is full of wild and funky beats, with disco lights bouncing off the walls with the floor lighting up as people dance to the beat. Her club has a few towers on the roofs of adjaecent buildings, blaring out beats and radio waves. Brandi and Esma, minions of MorcuCorp, were sent to the neighborhood to try to gain control of the radio towers for their evil uses as well as mine the crystals in the sewers under the club. In order to sucessfully accomplish their goals, they have to cause chaos for DJ Candy and try to vacate out of her building! You have to tackle the mysteries behind the radio towers and the employees' presence and save DJ Candy's club! And the music! She offers a dispatch mission were she wants your agents to help her set up for her new gig... on the moon! Candy also discovers alien life, but manages to make her way back home with the help of your agents. She then wants one of your teams to help make music that forces the listener to dance. After you do this, Candy decides that this won't be good driving music.

Dispatch Missions


Description- Well, I promised the fans and now it's time. I'm gonna stage the first concert ever on the moon! Now I just need help with a few...logistics.

Difficulty- 2/5

Duration- 6/12

Skills- Athletic/Smarts

Rewards- An HQ object and a new dispatch mission!

Music That Moves You

Description- I'm trying a new genre: beats that attack the listener's brain and directly stimulate their dance cortex. You can't not dance to this music! Just need a few people to test it on--I mean, PARTY WITH!

Difficulty- 3/5

Duration- 3/12

Skills- Paranormal/Smarts

Rewards- New oufits and a trophy!

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