Crystal-Template Crystal

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 4
Role Typical Resident
Residence Name Crystal's House

Crystal is a spooky girl whom will come when your town is close to full. She hates cheerleaders and normally stays alone. She wears a purple and black vest with a red plaid skirt with skulls and chains and striped stockings with black mary janes. She has black hair with spiky ends and yellow eyes resembling a cat's. She also wears a spiked wristband on her right wrist and straps on her left.


All of Crystal’s sisters cheerlead, and she can too. “Spookies! Spookies! Come to town! Turn those smiles upside-down! Rah.”




Hotel IntroductionEdit

  • I'm Crystal. I was just traveling, seeing the world, and trying to get away from my four sisters. Can you believe I was the only one of five girls that didn't want to be a cheerleader?

Accept Move-InEdit

  • Seriously? A whole house all to myself? Away from my cheering sisters? Done!

After You Build HouseEdit

  • Ahhh…listen to that quiet. Not a single "Rah" to be heard!

Request For More StuffEdit

  • Hmm, what if my sisters try to visit? I need to make my house really, really scary.

Star Level 4Edit

  • You’ll make this a place I can really fit in, right? Like, a spooky town? Without cheerleaders?

Star Level 5Edit

  • Sims that like Spooky stuff aren’t bad people…we just have different tastes!

Best FriendEdit

  • Oh, [player name], everything is beautiful! I wish YOU were my adopted family!

Best Friend RewardEdit

  • Bookshelf - Ornate blueprint


  • Crystal cameos at the end of MySims Racing after the Ultimate Cup.
  • It's possible that Crystal is adopted because she said, "I wish you were my adopted family!".
  • It is possible Crystal is related to Summer because in MySims she said she had cheerleading sisters.
  • Crystal shares her primary, secondary and hated interests with Violet.
  • Crystal, Cassandra, Ray and Blaine are the only Spooky Sims not to appear in any other game.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Crystal
  • Spanish: Cristal
  • French: Christelle
  • German: Christell
  • Dutch: Kristel
  • Japanese: クリスタル

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