Commercial Sim House

A Commercial Sim's house layout; 2 big rooms.

DJ Candy Juggling Discs Thingy

A special action by DJ Candy; juggling discs.

Commercial Sims are Sims who will come to your town bringing a business. All except Buddy will bring tasks for you to build certain furniture using many different essences. Each Star Level, with the exception of Star Level 5 will bring Commercial Sims. Completing tasks for Commercial Sims will raise your Star Level and gain friendships, special blueprints, and decoratives. Becoming a Commercial Sim's Best Friend will gain you their outfit to be worn which will be located in your closet. Commercial Sim houses also have a special layout with 2 big rooms, and have special reactions when doing a social interaction with them, as well as special actions that they do while standing around (such as playing a portable video game with Vic Vector, or reading a book while standing with Elmira). Moving each Commercial Sim will earn you special house parts as well. Up to two Sims can be in a Commercial Sim's house at a time. (not including the Sim whose house it is and the player).

The BeginningEdit

The beginning starts with Mayor Rosalyn P. Marshall, who is obviously the mayor of your town, who has one task, which is to build her a podium. Buddy the Bellhop, the hotel's owner, has no tasks, but will want you to spruce up the hotel with geeky or tasty decorations. Also Poppy's 3 tasks to improve her flower shop are the key to the first star.

Star Level OneEdit

Star Level One brings only Chef Gino Delicioso, DJ Candy Supergroove, and Sir Vincent Skullfinder. Chef Gino's tasks will give you the blueprint for a pizza oven. DJ Candy will give you new blueprints such as a turntable and a stereo. Finally Sir Vincent's final task gives you a sarcophagus.

Star Level Two Edit

Star Level Two will bring Elmira Clamp who's new design will be a bookcase. Ms. Nicole Vogue will ask for a changing booth. Roxie Road will ask for an ice-cream freezer and Vic Vector will ask for a television as well as an arcade machine.

Star Level Three Edit

Star Level Three can bring decent shops. Master Aran will ask for training dummies, Goth Boy will ask for a pipe organ, and Dolly Dearheart will ask for a costume trunk. Chef Watanabe will ask for a hot tub to store his fish in along with a karaoke machine. Finally, Shirley will ask for a salon chair.

Note: Although Shirley and Master Aran are Star Level Three Sims, you must reach Star Level Four in order to complete their final tasks.

Star Level Four Edit

Star Level Four is the last level to bring any Commercial Sims. It will bring Dr. F whom will ask for a tesla coil generator. Trevor Verily will ask for a stage, and Professor Nova will ask for a telescope, Madame Zoe will ask for a giant crystal ball, and Cap'n Ginny will ask for a pirate ship to re-enact battles.

Star Level 5Edit

No new Commercial Sims arrive at this Star Level.


If you give a Commercial Sim an item to become their Best Friend, and remove it, you cannot become their Best Friend again until you put it back, even if you have replaced it with other items.

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