Agent Clara Clara Belle
Clara Agents

Character Info Edit

Role Beachgoer, client
Location The Boardwalk

Clara Belle is a beachgoer at the Boardwalk and hangs out with her friend Taylor, spending the day splashing and playing volleyball with her and the lifeguard. She has several imaginary friends (two who claim they dislike Taylor) and a kraken friend named Mr. Suckers. In the case of the broken surfboards, Clara tells you that Mr. Suckers did it. At first, you are skeptical, (as is Taylor) but you find out that she's telling the truth as you meet him at a tea party. Clara explains that Mr. Suckers broke the boards by accident due to strange sounds in the water. Clara also has a dispatch mission for your agents. She entered Mr. Suckers in a beauty pageant confident he would win, but she discovers that they were sabotaged and wants your agents to figure out who sabotaged them before the pageant. After some investigation, Clara reports to you that Mr. Suckers sabotaged himself.

Dispatch Missions

Suckers' Sabotage!

Description- The main street beauty pageant is coming up! Naturally, I went down to the registration office and entered Mr. Suckers as a contestant but it seems like someone's trying to sabotage Mr. Suckers' chance at winning. Please help us!

Difficulty- 5/5

Duration- 3/12

Skills- Charisma/Paranormal

Rewards- New outfits and a trophy!

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