Clara-Template Clara Belle

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 2
Role Resident
Residence Name Clara's House

Clara Belle (first name Clara, middle name Belle) is a pretty young girl. She checks into the hotel in hopes of having a home in your town. This cute girl has emerald colored eyes, brown hair in pigtails with a pretty white flower, and wears a yellow sweater with a pink bow and a pink plaid skirt with blue sneakers.


Some people say Clara's middle name is 'cute', but that's just silly. It's actually Belle.




Hotel Introduction

  • Hey there, I'm Clara! This town looks adorable. Can I live here?

Accept Move-In

  • Oh, cool! I get my own house? I love this town already.

After You Build House

  • This is the greatest! I hope I make lots of new friends here.

Request For More Stuff

  • Um, I know you already built this whole house and all...but if you get time to make me some Cute new furniture, I'd just love it!

Star Level 2

  • How far do you think a cloud travels in a day? Think of all the different places it gets to see!
  • I love this town! It feels like the sun is always shining! Oh, except when it's nighttime…

Star Level 3

  • Everyone is interested in different things. For example, I love Cute things! The cuter something is, the more I love it.

Star Level 4

  • Do you think trees get tired of standing in the same place all day? If I was a tree, I think I'd go nuts with boredom.

Star Level 5

  • Do rocks really just sit there? I bet they all switch places with each other when we aren't looking. Tricky rocks…

Best Friend

  • Ooh, [player name], you are my best friend forever!! I love my cute house!

Best Friend Reward

  • Coffee Table - Mouse blueprint

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