Chef Hisao Watanabe is a traditional Japanese Sushi chef who maintains a Sushi restaurant when moving him into town. During the festivals, Chef Watanabe hosts a minigame called Hot Wasabi where the players must have luck to survive and avoid eating the hot wasabi. In Speedville, the chef and his niece, Sachiko, run a Sushi business. He loves karaoke and is in constant study of the culinary arts.


  • Chef Watanabe's son is Jimmy Watanabe and his niece is Sachiko Watanabe.
  • In MySims Kingdom, when Vic Vector is describing his figurine, he states that Watanabe's first name is Hisao.
  • In MySims Kingdom, Chef Watanabe does not appear as a character, but his figurine can be found by fishing in Renée's Nature Preserve.
  • In MySims, Mayor Rosalyn refers to him as "Old Man Watanabe" which is a reference to his name, Hisao. Hisao is a common japanese name meaning "long-lived man".
  • In the intro for MySims, he has a different door than the door he uses in the game.
  • In The Sims 3, there is a repo man with Hisao's last name.
  • In MySims, Watanabe wears the same outfit as his son, Jimmy Watanabe. This being the first time a Commercial Sim having the same outfit of a Townie Sim.
  • His "sushi hat" is made out of a real fish.
  • Watanabe appears in SimCity Creator as the Health & Education Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Chef Hisao Watanabe
  • Spanish: Chef Hisao Watanabe
  • Dutch: Kok Wang
  • Japanese: ワタナベ板長
  • French: Chef Watanabe

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