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Chef Gino Delicioso is a famous Italian pizza (and pasta) chef whose food is known all over the world. He has successfully opened several restaurants, including a cafe in your town, Cowboy Junction, the town that hosts festivals, Speedville, Autumn Bay, and in the City. Clad in white with a red bow-tie, Chef Gino is a lively character with a big ol' mustache and a white chef's hat.


  • In most MySims games Chef Gino experiments with pizza and creates strange flavors. For an example, in Shirley's case to find her secret crush; When you ask why he bought the flowers, he explains they're for his "Paris Petal Pizza".
  • In MySims Kingdom, Chef Gino wears dark jeans and a white shirt with white buttons down the middle, while in MySims and MySims Party, he wears checkered pants and a white shirt with two columns of black buttons.
    • In every game that Gino has his original MySims appearance, he has pale skin, while when wearing the jeans, his skin is tanner.
  • Chef Gino has his "MySims Kingdom" look on the box art for MySims Party, where he has his "MySims" look in the actual game itself.
  • Chef Gino's cousin is Charlie.
  • Oddly enough, Gino says he is staying out of the desert in MySims but in MySims Kingdom he has a restaurant in the desert.
  • In MySims Kingdom for the DS, Gino has his "MySims" look on, but for the Wii, he has his "MySims Kingdom" look on.
  • In MySims Kingdom Gino apparently has an official blog as Lyndsay tells you after watering the tomatoes in Cowboy Junction.
  • On the front cover of MySims, Gino has brown hair even though in game he has black hair.
  • Gino rarely opens his eyes. When he does, it is shown that his eyes are red, like Makoto's, and when he is in fear
  • In The Sims 4, Gino appears as one of the MySims trophies that can be collected by players. He is a common trophy and described as: Gino's skill in a kitchen are matched only by his sense of melodrama. The tiniest thing goes wrong and he's "ruined". To date, Gino has been ruined 9,685 times.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Chef Gino
  • Dutch: Chef Marco
  • French: Chef Gino
  • Spanish: Chef Gino
  • Korean: 요리사 지노
  • Japanese: ジーノコック長

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