Gino MSR Icon Chef Gino Delicioso

Character Info Edit

Role Italian Chef
Business Gino's Pizza
Residency Speedville

Chef Gino returns to own another Italian restaurant. He lives in Speedville tending and serving his restaurant and customers. He assigns the star racer with tasks to help expand his restaurant. He assigns you tasks such as picking up the dropped pizza's and seeing how fast you may go. He also holds a charity race for his restaurant.


MSR-Obstacle Course Pizza Trials

Aim: Reach finish before time runs out.

Introduction: Hello there, [player name]! I'm looking for a new delivery boy. Do you think you have what it takes to deliver for Gino? // Then see if you can survive Gino's Gauntlet of Challenges!

Gold Target: 35 seconds

Silver Target: 40 seconds

Bronze Target: 50 seconds

Course: Tumbleweed Track

Completion: Excellent! Your speed is worthy of the name Gino's. Here is an advance for your first delivery!

Reward: MSR-Front Bumper Reinforced Lights

MSR-Race Race for the Pie!

Aim: Finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Introduction: Buon giorno, my favorite delivery boy! I am organizing a race for my friends. // Signor Tobor and Signora Makoto don't eat much pizza, but that old guy, he eats for three! // Do you want to race with them? Winner gets a free pizza!

Gold Target: Finish in 1st Place

Silver Target: Finish in 2nd Place

Bronze Target: Finish in 3rd Place

Course: Gopher Gulch

Completion: Very good! Here's your pizza, and a little something extra for your racing vehicle.

Reward: MSR-Horn Truck

MSR-Item Collect Get 'Em While They're Hot

Aim: Try to find all of Chef Gino's missing Pizzas

Introduction: What rotten luck! The delivery truck dropped some of my world famous pizzas during its last run! // Please, can you bring them back while they're still hot?

Gold Target: 40 items

Silver Target: 32 items

Bronze Target: 20 items

Course: Gopher Gulch

Completion: My pizzas! Bravo! Bravissimo! Here, take these, on the house.

Reward: MSR-Frame Aluminium, Off-Road, MSR-Front Lights Upper Class

MSR-Beat The Clock Chef Gino's Bonus Round

Aim: Pass as many gates as you can before time runs out. (Time limit is 45 seconds, plus 10 seconds for every gate you pass through)

Introduction: I wish to show everyone that you, my star delivery boy, are the fastest in all of [town name]! // Will you accept my challenge?

Gold Target: Pass through 12 gates

Silver Target: Pass through 9 gates

Bronze Target: Pass through 5 gates

Course: Gopher Gulch

Completion: Magnifico! Now everyone will know Gino's pizzas are delivered quicker than you can say "Whoa, that was some fast pizzas!"

Reward: MSR-Horn Ratchet

Best Friend Reward

  • MSR-Special Ballast

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