Agent Gino Chef Gino
Chef Gino

Character Info Edit

Role Italian Chef
Location Main Street

Chef Gino Delicioso runs Gino's Pizzeria, an Italian restaurant, in the City. He hires you to figure out who caused a fire at his restaurant and who stole his maps that revealed the locations of his herbs and cheeses. When he finds out the culprit, he explodes and bans the criminal from his restaurant and then admits that he has been wanting to ban that person for a long time. You return to his restaurant a few times during other investigations. He offers a Dispatch Mission where he needs agents to get some rare goat milk from the mountains. Gino also helps you later, whe solving the Evelyn robbery case by telling you where the girl from Morcucorp sat in his restaurant so you can search for clues.

Dispatch Missions

Legendary Cheese

Description- I need a new pizza for my menu, but my cheeses just aren't inspiring me. If only I could obtain some of the milk of the rare blackfooted goat. There's only one problem -- they're only found at 10,000 feet!

Difficulty- 1/5

Duration- 3/12

Skills- Athletic/Nature

Rewards- New outfits and a trophy!

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