Gino-Template Chef Gino Delicioso

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Commercial Sim
Star Level Star Level 1
Role Pizza Chef
Residence Name Gino's Restaurant

Chef Gino Delicioso will be the first person to visit your run-down town. After completing job tasks for Poppy, you will be alerted that someone has arrived at the town hotel and that someone is no other than Chef Gino! He will ask that you construct him a pizza restaurant. Once that is done, it'll be time to help out furnish his restaurant by building him a kitchen as well as tables and chairs for customers. Chef Gino is a jolly man who has a strong love for pizza and cooking.


Becoming a Master Pizza Chef isn't easy. Chef Gino has crossed the globe and spent a fortune in his search for special sauces, exotic spices and forbidden cheese.




Task 1

Description: Ah, [player name], how can I make my world-famous pizza without a pizza oven?


Chef Gino's resturant. Customers are dancing to the jukebox.

Requirements: Pizza Oven with 8 Apple Essences and 4 Stone Essences

Reward: Bed - Classic

Hint: I saw some Stone over by the train station. Maybe you can Prospect for Essences over there.

Thanking Dialogue: Fantastico! Like it was made by the finest ovensmiths from the Golden Age of Ovencrafting!

Task 2

Description: Gino's back in business! I'll need to have seating for all my hungry customers.

Chefgino resturnt

Chef Gino's resturant.

Requirements: Chair with 5 Green Apple Essences, Table with 4 Red Apple and 4 Green Apple Essences

Reward: Refrigerator - Framed

Hint: Weren't there some Green Apples in that garden too? Haha. Guess I should have mentioned that...

Thanking Dialogue: Eccellentissimo! Dinner is much better on the table rather than on the floor, yes?

Task 3

Description: I'll need a kitchen for simmering my world-famous sauce and washing my world-famous hands.

Requirements: Sink with 3 Stone and 5 Red Apple Essences, Stove with 3 Stone and 5 Red Apple Essences, and Refrigerator with 2 Stone Essences and 5 Red Apple Essences

Reward: Decorative - Pizza

Hint: I love Red Apples and Green Apples. Hmm...I wonder how applesauce pizza would taste?

Thanking Dialogue: Now THAT'S a kitchen worthy of a master chef. You do excellent work, my friend.


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