Chaz MSR Icon Chaz McFreely

Character Info Edit

Residence Speedville
Car Weight Class Light
MorcuCorp? No
Role Rival Racer, Stuntman

Chaz McFreely arrives in Speedville as a rival racer, challenging you to several races, one to see if you can beat his personal best time and another to beat him in a race. He will award you several blueprints to spice up your cars if he is defeated. Chaz doesn't give up and enters all the Championships and some charity races.


MSR-Burning Lap Chaz McFreely's Time Trial

Aim: Beat Chaz's time to complete the challenge!

Introduction: Dude! I heard there was a new racer in town. Do you know where I can find [him/her]? // What? You're the racer? You're kidding, right? I was told he was EXTREME! To the MAX! // Huh, you're not kidding. Tell you what, if you can beat my best time, then I'll let you race me. // Well, you in or out?

Gold Target: 30 seconds

Silver Target: 35 seconds

Bronze Target: 40 seconds

Course: Tumbleweed Track

Completion: What do you know? Turns out you're a pretty rad racer after all. Yeah, I'll race you. Take this, and come see me when you're ready.

Reward: MSR-Steering Improved Steering

MSR-1 v 1 The McFreely Initiative

Aim: Reach the finish line before Chaz.

Introduction: All right, dude, you're back. Let's DO this. WOOOOO! // Are you ready for some EXTREME racing?

Gold Target: Beat Rival Racer by 10 seconds

Silver Target: Beat Rival Racer by 5 seconds

Bronze Target: Beat Rival Racer by 0 seconds

Course: Tumbleweed Track

Completion: Wow, that was some SWEET racing, dude! Word. Here take these, you earned them!

Reward: MSR-Front Lights Shark Nose, MSR-Front Object Dolphin, MSR-Rear Object Surfboard

Car Stats

Chaz's Kart Stats

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