Championships Image

Winning the Championships.

The Championships are big races that are open and hosted by Mayor Rosalyn, once she is able to have enough racers to compete in them. To get more racers, the player will have to do enough tasks for the residents of Speedville, and beat at least 2 or more rival racers. Once they have done enough, Rosalyn will be waiting for the player to come compete in the championships at the Town Hall. If the player gets in at least the Top 3, they will be rewarded with a medal, and Speedville will gain one more Star Level.

The Championships are races around the new tracks the player has encountered during the current Star Level. For example, Pinball Canyon is a track available at Star Level 4, and the championship cup at Star Level 4 will include Pinball Canyon. As the Star Level goes up, the more advanced Championships will start to have more tracks in each cup as well. Each race usually includes about 5 or 6 racers, including the player. At the end of each race, each competitor is given a certain amount of points, depending on their placeholder at the end of the final lap. The racer who has obtained the most points during the championship will obtain the gold medal. Whoever has obtained the second most points will get a silver metal. The racer with the third best score will obtain a bronze metal. You will lose if you do not get in the top three.

The player is able to replay Championships anytime they want, via the Relationship Book at Rosalyn's page.


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