Bug Me!

Bug Me! Edit

Host Gertrude Spackle

Bug Me! is hosted by Gertrude Spackle. While she was walking, holding her bug cages, she tripped, they fell, they opened. She needs you to collect the bugs and put them back in the right cage.

Rules Edit

Place 5 types of bugs in the proper cages. The player who collects the most bugs wins.

Description Edit

Gertrude: My bugs! My bugs! Can you help me put them back in their cages? They're my friends, so be gentle!

After Finishing Edit

Gertrude: Yay! All my little pals are back home! Thank you so much! If they escape again, I'll come bug you. Here are your scores.

Controls Edit

Point Wiimote: Move cursor

A Button: Catch/release bugs

Recommended Stat(s)Edit

Festival Appearance(s) Edit