BuddyPartyPortal Buddy
Buddy the Bellhop

Character Info Edit

Role Bellhop-Minigame Host
Minigame Hosting Bell Hopscotch
Festival? Opening Festival
Area [Your Town] Hotel/Center Flower Garden

Buddy runs the town hotel where guests and tourists stay when visiting the festivals. It is also the location of Buddy's minigame, Bell Hopscotch, where he needs help carrying luggae to the front desk so his staff can load them up on the elevators to guests' rooms. Buddy is also the host of the Opening Festival. You first meet him after you arrive in town and check out your house, he runs into you by accident and leads you to the festival site where you meet MC Emi.


During Minigame Dialogue

  • We've got lots of guests at the hotel, but I can't carry all the luggage by myself. Think you could help me carry them, pal?
  • Thanks to everyone's hard work, we were able to carry all of our guests' luggage! Here are everyone's scores.

Dialogue about his Minigame

  • Sims with "Power" can carry luggage easily, and those with "Stamina" won't tire out. I salute every day to train my arm.
  • You can get a higher score if you keep going. If you have to, shake the Wii Remote slowly, but don't stop! You can do it, pal!
  • Hey, pal, you can run faster when carrying luggage by shaking the Wii Remote faster! I'd trip if I tried it, but you should be okay!

Miscellaneous Dialogue

  • Hiya, pal! If you need to know anything about festivals, I'm your guy! You should start off with the Opening Festival. It's quick and fun!
  • Thanks for trying my Opening Festival, pal! I try to keep it nice and short, so I won't miss any guests at the hotel!
  • I practice mini-games so much that my arm is all sore. What am I gonna do? This is my saluting arm! Take it from me. Rest often.
  • Hiya, pal. I heard there's a secret festival nobody has ever seen! Sounds mysterious doesn't it? You'll have to play 30 festivals to try it!
  • Wow, you won all the festivals, pal! (Your name), you're awesome! Keep bringing in the guests, and I'll salute each one!
  • Thanks to the festivals, the hotel's all booked! I've never saluted so many guests in my life!


Power 3
Speed 1
Stamina 4
Luck 1

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