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Character Info Edit

Role Comic Book Artist/Sketch Artist/Assistant Agent
Location All areas

Buddy is your partner once again, and this time, acts as the deuteragonist of the game. He first appears telling a person about his adventures with You. He's your best friend and tries to help whenever he can. Buddy is now an aspiring comic book artist who will be your sketch artist to help you sketch any clues you may find on your mystery. Buddy comes with you on every mission, helping to provide hints or help during investigations, as well as providing some comic relief on your adventures. In one of the dispatch missions, someone has been eating Roxie Road's ice cream in the freezer at the headquarters. Who's been eating them? Buddy, of course! However, he noticed that the wrappers said "Buddy's Ice Cream Parlor" on them, and thought that it meant that they were for him. Sapphire also names her new energy drink after him, "Red Buddy". In the future, he is a highly successful comic book writer who wrote his comic based on his adventures with you.

Profile from the Official MySims Agents Website

Buddy by Lilly Rulez on dA

Buddy is an aspiring comic book artist and your best friend. He has a...unique perspective on the world that is often refreshing and sometimes surprisingly insightful.


This is what Buddy says when you finish the game in the locations you can still visit.

Main Street

  • I'm thinking... pizza?


  • Buddy:Hey pal, do you think the nightmare world is full of pudding mummies?
  • You:Um... pudding mummies?
  • Buddy:Like a pudding golem in bandages!Oh... do you think they're in bandages because there was a giant pudding war, like Pudding War 1!
  • You:Pudding War 1?!
  • Buddy:I'm allergic to pudding, pal.

Industrial District

  • I know! Let's go see what's going on at Club Candy!

The Boardwalk

  • First, I wanna to eat sushi, then Turkey On A Fork. No wait! Turkey On A Fork, then sushi! Aaaargh! How can I decide?!

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