Brendan-Template Brendan

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 5
Role Gamer
Residence Name Brendan's House

Brendan is a geeky resident who comes to town when it has reached a bustling population. He likes to play video games and normally goes to Vic Vector's arcade.


Brendan loves playing games slightly more than he loves oxygen. Losing games—well, that’s another story!




Hotel Introduction

  • Hi, I'm Brendan. I dare you to challenge me at any game! I'll win!

Accept Move-In

  • Move here? Sounds like a challenge! Let's do it!

After You Build House

  • Pretty good house—you could probably do better, but I'm ready to live here. Sounds like a challenge.

Request For More Stuff

  • I hereby challenge you to make my place totally Geeky. I bet you can't do it!

Star Level 5

  • So do you play all the new games? I do. I master all of them in about 2 hours.
  • I love all games, but none so much as Super Fun Fun Panic. I have a top score of 20,000 million!
  • Wanna play a game of Super Street Brawler 920 Beta 4? Yeah, I can take you. I got a 27-hit combo yesterday.
  • I'm ready for any challenge you throw at me.
  • Let's go. Winning's my middle name.

Best Friend

  • I can't believe it, this place is a total geek fest. Alright, you win! You are awesome!

Best Friend Reward

  • Couch - Checkers blueprint

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