BrandiPartyPortal Brandi

Character Info Edit

Role Trickster
Minigame Hosting Liar Liar
Festival? N/A
Area Mystery Forest

Brandi hosts the minigame, Liar Liar. She and the contestants are in dark and foggy woods. She will ask if you can detect a lie. She will state three truths and a lie. You must find the lie. If a person is correct, she will run behind a tree and think of more phrases.


During Minigame Dialogue

  • Hi guys, Brandi here. There's a monster behind you! Ha ha! Made you look! Come and see if you can tell which of these is also a lie.
  • Can you detect a lie? Heh heh heh…
  • Hey, you did pretty good. Check out your scores. Scores never lie. Heh heh heh.

Dialogue about her Minigame

  • Hey (your name), here’s a hint. Find the lie quickly to get a high score. Of course, this hint could be a lie, too. Heh heh…
  • If you have “Luck”, you could find my lies easier. It’s no fun if you figure it by just luck, though.
  • All of my lies are pretty easy to figure out. I mean, what’s the fun in lying if nobody knows they’re being tricked.

Miscellaneous Dialogue

  • Hey, I’m Brandi. Maybe I’ll cause some mischief during the festival. Heh heh heh…
  • The festival grounds are too bright and lively. I should make this place nice and scary to freak everyone out!


Power 3
Speed 1
Stamina 1
Luck 4

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