Brandi is an excessive liar, a bully, and a prankster, causing trouble for your town and another town. She also works for MorcuCorp and was involved with their plans to take over Speedville and the City.


  • Interestingly, the website for MySims Agents depicts Brandi without her eye-patch, although in game she has it on.
  • Although she still retains purple highlights in MySims Agents, interestingly, her character icon does not sport any.
  • Her racing challenge Apocalypse Soon is a reference to the movie Apocalypse Now.
  • Ironically, Brandi is the only spooky townie Sim not to be mentioned by Morcubus as one of his agents, despite the fact having major roles as a MorcuCorp agent in later games.
  • Brandi has Violet's voice type in every game she appears in, except MySims Agents, in which she has Lyndsay's voice.
  • In MySims, Brandi's decorative items contain pirate items. This and her eye-patch could suggest Brandi has some interest in pirates.
  • In a cutscene in MySims Agents after you confront Esma and Brandi, Esma slaps Brandi and threatens to make her wear another eyepatch. This could suggest that Esma was responsible for Brandi's eyepatch.
  • Brandi appeared in SimCity Creator on the Wii where she acted as your city's Health and Education Advisor.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Brandi
  • Spanish: Brandi
  • French: Brandi
  • German: Drakinchen
  • Japanese: ブランディ (Burandi)