Bloomin' Blossoms
Bloomin' Blossoms

Bloomin' Blossoms Edit

Host Poppy

Bloomin' Blossoms is a minigame run by Poppy in MySims Party and she needs help watering her flowers. You must also avoid bees in the flowers. This minigame 1st appears in the Happy Festival, which Poppy also hosts.


Water the flowers and make them bloom! The player who makes the most flowers bloom is the winner.


Poppy: I planted a bunch of cute flowers around the park, but they need water to bloom! Can you help me water them?

After FinishingEdit

Poppy: Yay! Seeing all these totally cute flowers, has really brightened up my day! Thank you! Here are your scores!

Recommended Stat(s)Edit


D-Pad: Run

Hold 2 Button: Pour water

Festival Appearance(s) Edit

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