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  • Luismi C3a

    These are thing for when a sim doesn't want to move in. Which never happens.

    Chef Gino: I don't really want to move in just yet.

    Vic Vector: I'd rather play video games than move in to your town.

    Ms. Nicole: Your town isn't nearly as fashionable as my last hometown -- Paris.

    Dolly Dearheart: Like

    DJ Candy: Yo

    Trevor Verily: Forsooth

    Poppy: There aren't enough CUTE FLOWERS in this town!

    Madame Zoe: Sources say no.

    Goth Boy: Dude

    Roxie Road: I'd like more restaurants in town. Eating nothing but ice cream is boring

    Master Aran: HIYA! I DON'T WANT TO MOVE IN!

    Elmira Clamp: This town doesn't have nearly enough libraries.


    Sir Vincent: There aren't enough dinosaur bones in your town.

    Professor Nova: Not spacey enough!

    Cap'n Ginny: Yaaar…

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  • Blayer98

    AudioDefs on Wii + PC

    April 23, 2017 by Blayer98

    If you've ever poked around in the game files on the PC version before, you may know that AudioDefs is stored in a DBPF package file, and that the AudioDefs folder is empty because of that.

    However, in the Wii version of the game, the AudioDefs are stored in .xml files and there is no AudioDefs.package file. The AudioDefs.package file itself, however, all XML files are converted to an XMB file format. (Which I currently don't know and I'm not sure if anyone here on this wiki or anywhere else knows this format)

    At this point in time, it seems like editing the AudioDefs are impossible, however, not if you have the Wii version!

    If you have an ISO of the game for Wii and Dolphin, you can go to Properties > Filesystem > Partition 1 > GameData > Au…

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  • Icecream18

    A Cool Lil Thing

    April 23, 2017 by Icecream18

    Before I start: Today marks half a decade since I started posting on here, I joined April 1st but I didn't edit until the 22nd, which is now in my rimezone. Due to a wikia glitch, however, I won't be able to write a long post. Once the glitch is over I will do so.

    Now the actual blog: I was looking at SimGuruGraham's Twitter today, and I saw this:

    MySims are on his banner! Possible hint at a future MySims game for its tenth anniversary? Dumb to be hoping, but hey, at least EA hasn't completely forgotten MySims, it still means something!

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  • Qubit2222


    I know that some people around here know how to rip textures/sounds/models from MySims PC.

    I was wondering, how is that done? I would like to start doing renders for the mainspace pages.


    Qubit 02:18, April 22, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Luismi C3a

    Here's something I found about this:

    There's a space reserved for the task after which the sim will start requiring the object to be present in their houses. However, for townies, that space is filled with a simple Hi.

    The interesting part is that, for Beebee, the chair blueprint she gives instead has KThnxBye.

    Does this mean that she was originally going to give out a different blueprint. Or maybe she was like Ian Arneson, who only needs a bed. Well, I guess this isn't too important...

    Still on the topic of required objects, does Mel the Mummy have toilet in his house? I'm asking because he'll actually complain if you remove it. Why does he need a toilet if he's a mummy? Mummy's don't have stomaches... 

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  • Qubit2222

    UPDATE - 17 April 2017

    She's back! All I needed to do was kick her out and move her back in. I feel so stupid now

    Original Text - 14 April 2017

    The utmost creepiest thing happened while I was playing MySims today.

    So, I go into Clara's house, yet after about a minute, she's still nowhere to be seen.

    So then, I go to a changing booth, to see if I could get her to appear in CaS, but after the phonecall cutscene, nothing happened.

    I think I may have corrupted the game. If anyone knows how to correct this modding problem I got myself into (I haven't modded at all since December) please help me out, it's really peculiar for a MySims character to suddenly go missing.

    But after this is solved - mark my words, I'm quitting modding MySims. Forever.

    Qubit 10:4…

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  • Centrixe

    and it's 2017, which is almost 9 years after i bought mysims?

    unfortunately it's only now that i'm being more active on the wiki than usual. well i'm late to everything anyway.

    so i'm planning to add renders for everyone in the original game (even the pc exclusives) here's a few i did

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  • Qubit2222

    Okay. Here we go.

    Everyone that was inactive before, is coming back now.

    Don't know what I mean?

    • Blanky is back
    • Dentface is back
    • Skull is possibly back

    And 30 minutes ago, a wild Hikari appeared.

    How is this all happening? Does this have anything to do with the 10th anniversary of MySims? Or is it because we all got bored? I don't know.

    But let's hope everyone stays, because this wiki is in dire need of a revival.

    Qubit 04:50, April 11, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Qubit2222


    March 31, 2017 by Qubit2222

    My computer is glitching up a bit.

    Then this happened.

    What the hell?

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  • EliteQueen

    Hey everyone, EliteQueen here and I just wanted to give out a few annoucements from my earlier post.

    Frist off, I'm pleased to announce that I am currently making the foundation for MySims Agents 2, which means the game is currently in the works. I can't give a clear date as to when it will be completed, but work on the sequel is defintely underway.

    Secondly, I'm currently making character sprites of the MySims characters that appeared in the first game. As a bonus, I'll even show off one of my early sprite creations. Note that this is not the final version for the sprite.

    And now, my final annoucement. I may be decent when it comes to using Game Maker to make this game, but there are still some aspects of the program that I currently don't u…

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