• Xyzpdqbgs

    Hey guys!

    August 1, 2017 by Xyzpdqbgs

    I didnt know if to post here considering the wiki is dead-ish but Im just letting you know, there is a MySims discord server called The MyServer. It's a discord server where you can share headcanons, ocs, game stuff and more!

    The invite is here! Hope to see you there! ^^

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  • Qubit2222

    The only reason I'm posting something on this wiki about MySims Fanon is because this wiki is more active.

    I'm dead serious. There are only TWO USERS left on MySims Fanon, me and Yutakana. There are no admins in sight, and I feel that it's time to rebuild MySims Fanon.

    I trust Yutakana with admin rights more than myself, because he's actually this guy. Both of us are making an effort to rebuild and revive the wiki, or die trying.

    I'm sorry, but we can't let either wiki die.


    Qubit 21:31, July 31, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Sugardapuppy


    July 15, 2017 by Sugardapuppy

    whats up gamers its been like 3 years??

    im gonna be honest i kept checking in on the wiki from time to time (lurkin) to see if it was active at all and i was surprised that its not completely dead yet??? i was looking at old blog posts and looking back on it, i was actually a horrible person on here lmao but also i was in middle school and it was my first ever online "community" i was part of.,,,,, anyways i saw everyone making update blog posts so, in tradition of how i spent my time here, im gonna copy yall

    umm so i graduated high school and im going to art school for illustration in august. i also went back to japan to see my family/childhood friends in june so that was chill. thats pretty much it idk what else to tell ya

    i know im still m…

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  • Holhol1235

    hey guys nice to see ya. i have a pretty bad and boring life but i'll leave some stuff in case you wanna still keep in touch (for some reason even though i am bad).

    Here is my Facebook. I don't use it much but I still like to add people just for the sake of keeping touch? Let me know if you're gonna add me though otherwise I probably won't accept the friend request.

    my twitter. similarly let me know if you're gonna add me otherwise i won't accept.

    my sc is "escappy"

    my instagram is "hololen"


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  • MC Cindy

    HI SO



    I have a tumblr if you wanna follow me and hit me up every now and then! But yeah, this is kinda the same as GooglyBear's post and wanted to also do a face reveal (a real one, not a cosplay one from two years ago). Look in the comments and behold, the face of a semi long term member of the wiki! 

    I also have insta, snapchat, facebook, 3DS Friendcode too and xbox! 

    Facebook id perfer not to give out just yet.

    Insta: NaugticalGoggles

    Tumblr: PuggleWuggles Inhling Squirrels

    I dont even remember my snapcha…

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  • Musical of Corey

    After reading IC and Googley's blogs, I decided it would be appropriate for me to illustrate what this place meant to me in a blog post as well. 

    Picture this scene, it was an April morning. A 10-year-old boy sits at the computer (me), shaking nervously. I clutchesdthe mouse as the cursor hovers over the "edit" button on Trevor Verily's page. I knew what I wanted to change, but would it impress people? This website was serious, and what would happen if I made a complete fool of myself? I took a deep breath, and click! The page vanished and a wall of text had taken its place. 

    "How strange," I thought to myself, "The beautiful blue boxes that contained each and every sim's information was just a facade hiding a deluge of indecipherable code."…

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  • Googleybear

    Hola everyone,

    just thought i'd pop back and say hi to everyone and see how you're all doing (for the ones who are still actually here that is). A lot has moved on in my life, I finished school 3 years ago, finished sixth form (its a british thing dw) last year and now ive finished my first year of university which is mad. Time flies.

    I joined this wiki 7 years ago (8 if you include my old account ) and I have such good memories from this place. After reading Icecream's blog, I thought I should make a blog just to check back and say cheers for all the good times. In all honestly, I dont see myself becoming fully active again just because I have so much other stuff going on in my life - heck I go days without even using my laptop sometimes. B…

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  • Icecream18

    ...and I found this little website called MySims Wiki. I was not 7, a little older. I didn't join when I was 7 either, I was an AU for a while before joining. Excuse the cringy song quote, but I need it to be "emotional" for this blog.

    wow. On April 1, 2012 I joined this wiki and everything went uphill from there. I joined so I could publish my story, MySims Academy. I wrote it in MS word and never put it up. Instead I wrote The Sim Surprise which sucks. I'll put MS Academy on here soon for laughs. It sucks but I loved writing it. I was obsessed with the character Noelle at the time, so she was the main character. Idk why I loved her, looking back she has no personality aside from her love of cookies, and she is cute but looks rather plain.…

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  • Icecream18

    Help me out here

    June 19, 2017 by Icecream18

    can you guys give me recs for a new wikia account name? i kinda wanna change my username bc this one is half-decade old cringe but i SUCK at coming up with usernames. Give me suggestions pleeeeaaaase. It can just be a cool name, or you can be inspired by stuff from here, a list of things i like:

    • mysims
    • the sims
    • animal crossing
    • harvest moon
    • mario (mostly paper mario)
    • rune factory
    • harry potter
    • rick riordan books (percy jackson, heroes of olympus, etc)
    • glee
    • super smash bros
    • stardew valley
    • splatoon
    • pokemon (kinda)
    • hunger games
    • melanie martinez
    • nicki minaj
    • adele
    • ariana grande

    yeah... plz help a pal out guys i suck at this stuff. 

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  • Zordon123456789mlw7
    • Happy: 5x5x1
    • Yellow Blossom: 3x3x3
    • Purple Crayon: 17x3x3
    • Anger: 5x5x1
    • Clown Fish: 5x5x3
    • 8 Ball: 3x3x3
    • Tire: 9x9x3
    • Action Figure: 7x5x4
    • Game: 3x3x1
    • Thorn: 5x2x1
    • Dead Wood: 5x5x5
    • Sadness: 7x5x1
    • Dark Wood: 3x2x1
    • Light Wood: 5x2x2
    • Organic: 5x3x1
    • Stone: 5x2x2
    • Apple: 3x3x3
    • Green Apple: 5x5x2
    • Rainbow Trout: 3x3x1
    • Plum Blossom: 3x3x3
    • Rose: 3x3x3
    • Gingerbread: 5x5x1
    • Cherry Blossom: 5x5x1
    • Cake: 5x5x3

    • Bacon: 7x3x2
    • Terracotta: 5x5x5

    • Orange: 7x3x2
    • Chocolate Cake: 7x7x5
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