This crazy doctor is the host of the bizzare festival

The Bizzare Festival is coordinated by the mad scientist, Dr. F. It contains many fun, and as the name suggests, bizarre minigames for you and your team to participate in. Three characters can compete in this festival.

Recommended StatsEdit

4 Stamina and 3 Power

5 Power and 2 Luck

4 Speed and 3 Power



DS Edit


Prizes Edit

300-400 points maximum-Bizarre Gate

Stats Required (to not run out)Edit

  • Luck - 4
  • Power - 3
  • Stamina - 2
  • Speed - 1



My name is Dr.F! The F stands for the Bizzare Festival, a festival which will take over the world! Test Subjects! You will attempt 9 bizzare mini-games. Survive to accumlate score. IT IS SO SIMPLE! I'll give the test subjects that I deem most likely to take over the world a diabolical monument as a reward! Let the Bizarre Festival begin! BWAH-HA-HAA-HAAAAA!!!

1st minigameEdit

The first minigame is brilliant, if i say so myself. Play it now!

In between minigames dialougeEdit

  • How was that activity? The data i'm collecting from [team name] is intriguing ... NEXT MINI-GAME!!!
  • My name is Dr.F! The F stands for MOON EXPLODING LASER TREBUCHET! You might find it quite useful for the next game.
  • And now the next mini-game. I command you to achive!!!

Final minigameEdit


Mwahaha! Don't be nervous. It's not like I'm scoring you. Oh wait. I AM! And here are the results!!!

4th placeEdit

You're not even worth experimenting on!

3rd placeEdit

With a performance like that you'll barely take over the country!

2nd placeEdit

You will be fed to my genetically engineered attack lizards.

1st placeEdit

Your 1st place science has earned you the place of FIRST PLACE!!!

Monument recievingEdit

Already recieved Monument dialougeEdit


The first step towards the world domination is complete! Everyone, you could learn a thing or two from [team name]. Mwahahahaha!