Billy-Template Billy

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 5
Role Stargazer
Residence Name Billy's House

Billy is a townie sim that visits your town at a certain population in your town. He likes stargazing and thinking about the future.

Profile Edit

Ever wonder what happens when you spend all night stargazing? Ask Billy. He knows!

Interests Edit







Dialogue Edit

Hotel Introduction Edit

  • Hi, I'm Billy. Do you ever look at the stars and just dream of what's out there?

Accept Move-In Edit

  • Is my future really here? That's exciting. That sounds great!

After You Build House Edit

  • Thanks for making me such a great house. I can't wait to see what the future holds here.

Request For More Stuff Edit

  • I really wish my house was a place where I could look forward to a super happy tomorrow.

Star Level 5 Edit

  • Do you ever look at the stars and wonder what's out there? I do all the time.
  • Sometimes I look at the constellations and wonder... is there a constellation out there looking at me?
  • If you just look at the sky for awhile, you'll realize the future's not that scary, it's just different.
  • When you look up at the stars, you realize that today's stars are yesterday's dreams.

Best Friend Edit

  • Thanks for helping make my house so happy and exciting. I love being here. It's so great.

Best Friend Reward Edit

  • Telescope - Octopus blueprint

Trivia Edit

Foreign Name:Edit

  • English: Billy
  • Spanish: Guille
  • French: Billy