Bell Hopscotch
Bell Hopscotch

Bell Hopscotch Edit

Host Buddy
Location Town Hotel

Bell Hopscotch is a minigame run by Buddy and he and his staff need help carrying luggage to the front desk to be brought up to the rooms. The player who brings the most luggage to the desks wins the game. The minigame first appears in the Opening Festival, which Buddy also hosts.


Carry guests' luggage! The player who carries the most luggage wins.


Buddy: "We've got lots of guests at the hotel, but I can't carry all the luggage by myself. Think you could help me carry them, pal?"

After FinishingEdit

Buddy: "Thanks to everyone's hard work, we were able to carry all of our guests' luggage! Here are everyone's scores."


Swing Wiimote: Run

A Button: Pick up/Place luggage

Recommended Stat(s) Edit

Festival Appearance(s) Edit

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