Character Info Edit

Residence Speedville
Car Weight Class N/A
MorcuCorp? N/A
Role Rival Racer

Beebee appears in MySims Racing (DS) as a resident, and rival racer. She also has a few favors to ask of you.


Favor 1

Objective: Drive BEEBEE to visit her ROYAL SUBJECTS in TOWN.

Introduction dialogue: I should quite like to visit my royal subjects, the Bunny People. I'm their princess, you see!

Thanking dialogue: Thank you very much!

Reward: 10 Red Essence Coins and 30 Blue Essence Coins and Bunny ears Blueprint

Favor 2

Objective: Drive BEEBEE to visit her ROYAL SUBJECTS in the FOREST.

Introduction dialogue: Make way! Her Royal Highness, Princess Beebee of the Bunny People, approaches. I'd like to go to the Forest to visit the Bunny People ever so much!

Thanking dialogue: Thank you. I should make you an honorary Bunny Person! Tee hee!

Reward: 20 Red Essence Coins and 60 Blue Essence Coins and Beebee's Blueprint

Favor 3

Objective: Gather all the CARROTS and return to BEEBEE in TOWN before time runs out.

Time: 1:10

Introduction dialogue: A Princess must be wise and just... ...and she should be able to eat an entire 5lb. bag of carrots in less than 13 seconds! Could you help me find some carrots, please? I'm quite hungry right now so please, hurry!

Thanking dialogue: Why, thank you! You are the kindest person in all of the Bunny Baronies!

Reward: 30 Red Essence Coins and 90 Blue Essence Coins and Carrot Blueprint

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