BeebeePartyPortal Beebee

Character Info Edit

Role Minigame Host
Minigame Hosting Carrot Crop
Festival? N/A
Area Twinkle Hills

Beebee hosts the minigame called Carrot Crop where she needs you to pluck her carrots and place them in her basket, for her bunnies to eat.


During Minigame Dialogue

  • What do bunnies love? Carrots of course! Would you help me pick them and put them in my basket? That would be ever so delightful!
  • That is quite a lot of carrots! Now we can cook carrot cake, carrot pudding, and spicy carrot chili! Yummy! Here are your scores!

Dialogue About Her Minigame

  • Gardening requires physical strength, they say! If you have “Power”, you shall be quite able to pluck the carrots quickly.
  • I shouldn’t think it is a pluck carrot leaves before they have had a chance to become a proper carrot. You will lose points!
  • Unfortunately, there are some bad carrots scattered throughout the garden, so do be careful. Oh, and rabbits simply LOVE big carrots!

Miscellaneous Dialogue

  • Good day, my name is Beebee, princess of the Bunny People. I certainly hope [town name] is nice for bunnies!
  • Why, what do you mean, “Are my ears, and tail real?” How rude! I am a real bunny princess!


Power 1
Speed 3
Stamina 1
Luck 4

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