Agent Beebee Beebee

Character Info Edit

Role Ski Lodge Guest, Potential Recruit
Location The Mountains, later The Headquarters

Beebee is Preston Winthrop's girlfriend, who was kidnapped by a yeti. She had the owner of the ski lodge call for help and government agents Rosalyn and Vic Vector came to investigate, although later it is revealed that Preston faked his kidnapping to shut down the lodge. Even after his lies and the damage he caused, Beebee remains faithful to him and think he's adorable in his yeti costume (which he seems to be stuck in). Beebee is also a potential recruit for your agency, but only joins to impress Preston.


Recruit Request Message: Oh, hi, [player name]. So, I guess you're looking for agents and stuff? If you recruited me, do you think it would impress Preston?


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